Building the Glen-L HOT ROD - Boat Page 11
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Click to enlarge. Fitting the port second bottom. (07-JUN-2006)

Click to enlarge. Transition point.

Click to enlarge. Butt joint detail.

Click to enlarge. The second bottom's scarf joint is staggered 6" aft of the first bottom's joint.

Click to enlarge. Both second bottom panels installed. (08-JUN-2006)

Click to enlarge. Bow detail.

Click to enlarge. Screw holes were puttied with Interlux Watertite YAV135.  It's a two-part, fast drying epoxy compound for filling holes, repairing scratches in gelcoat and fairing fiberglass.  It can also be used below the waterline to fill gelcoat blisters. (10-JUN-2006)

Click to enlarge. On Friday night we fiberglassed the starboard bottom.  We feathered the panel edges on Saturday afternoon and applied the port bottom late Saturday night.  Starboard side was applied late Sunday night.  (18-JUN-2006)

Click to enlarge. Notice the starboard side overlap at the bow.  The digital camera is having a rough time rendering smooth, shiny surfaces.  Time to upgrade to a better quality unit !!

Click to enlarge. Side overlaps the transom.

Click to enlarge. Port bottom will have to be feathered before applying the side.

Click to enlarge. We're applying the fiberglass cloth using the 'dry method'.  6.5 oz. cloth is draped over the hull and taped in position.   Panel overlap is 5".  This allows for sufficient overlap and a 1-1/2" wide strip for feathering. (19-JUN-2006)

Click to enlarge. Stretching the cloth diagonally eliminates wrinkles.  Spring steel paper clamps and masking tape are removed after the cloth has been saturated with epoxy.

Click to enlarge. Took Friday off to feather the overlaps and sand the hull with 40 grit sandpaper.  Straight-line and orbital air files saved a lot of time on this job.  We splurged on a DeWalt commercial duty 6" variable speed orbital sander for feathering the overlaps.  The hull was rinsed with water, scuffed with a 3M scotch pad and allowed to dry overnight.  Three rounds of epoxy spaced about two hours apart were applied on Saturday. (25-JUN-2006)

Click to enlarge. Filling and fairing is next !

Click to enlarge. Over the long weekend, we laminated three strips of fiberglass cloth on the chine and transom edges and ground them to a crisp profile.  (01-JUL-2006)

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