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Click to enlarge. The plan is to barrier-coat the interior with two coats of epoxy and apply a two-component urethane clear topcoat.

Click to enlarge. A temporary dash and a Teleflex NFB Dual Cable helm were installed.  A 20' cable was fed into the helm and laid out to measure the length of cable required.  Also visible are the driver's seat track and the 2 gas tank enclosure panels (between frames # 3 and 4).

Click to enlarge. Frame # 4 has to be cut to make room for the stuffing box.

Click to enlarge. A 3/4" strip is left on either side of the keel.  A frame brace will have to be fabricated to reinforce the frame.

Click to enlarge. Photo quality should improve drastically from this point on.  We bought a new Canon PowerShot SD600 digital camera.  Hopefully the closeup and white color balance issues I had with the old camera are a thing of the past !  The rudder and rudder support bracket are back from the machine shop.  3-1/2" stainless steel pipe stubs were tig-welded to the Gibson Transom Mount mufflers.  We also picked up a 1350 series Center H Yoke which will replace the torque tube. (26-OCT-2006)

Click to enlarge. These performance mufflers should be legal at idle.  Can't wait to hear them when that 283 comes to life !

Click to enlarge. A bare-block 400 cubic inch V8 was bolted to the Velvet Drive transmission and hoisted into position.

Click to enlarge. Temporary motor mounts provide up, down and side-to-side adjustment.

Click to enlarge. Found some vintage transmission mounts at Ayling's Boat Yard.  They're stout pieces and fit better than the previous ones I had.  A new set of stringer brackets is being fitted.

Click to enlarge. A 1350 series Borg Warner power takeoff (Glenwood Part # 90-797) is bolted to the Velvet Drive transmission's output shaft.  Ratio is 1:1.  The used Casale 12 degree v-drive with 15% overdrive was equipped with a 1350 series V-drive flange takeoff (Glenwood Part # 90-865).

Click to enlarge. Cutting into the oil pan (adjacent to the frame) moves the engine back far enough to install a 6-1/2" long H joint instead of the 10-1/2" long torque tube (Glenwood Part # 90-835) we initially thought would be used.  This also drops the engine down 2" closer to the keel.  To provide more oil capacity, a front sump and kicked-out sides will be added to the pan. 

Click to enlarge. The H joint was bolted up to the transmission flange.  The v-drive was pushed back and down until the propeller shaft coupler rotated freely on the propeller shaft. (30-OCT-2006)

Click to enlarge. An inclinometer (angle finder) was used to set the H joint at 0 degrees.  The v-drive mounts can be now be welded in their final location.


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