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Click to enlarge. The transom drain plugs were cut out with a hole saw.  Fiberglass tubes were fabricated and epoxied into the holes. (19-JUN-2007)

Click to enlarge. A hole saw makes quick work of cutting out the exhaust outlet holes. 

Click to enlarge. Interior view of the transom.  A 3/4" marine plywood backing plate was fabricated and epoxied to the transom. 

Click to enlarge. The inside lip was waterproofed with one layer of 6-1/2 ounce fiberglass cloth.  The hole was drilled 1/8" oversize to allow a thick bead of sealant around the exhaust tip's circumference.

Click to enlarge. The Gibson Transom Mount Power Tip mufflers look sweet !
Click here  to see the muffler specifications.

Click to enlarge.  

Click to enlarge. We reduced the 4" OD stainless pipe to 3-1/2".

Click to enlarge. The rough-cast aluminum Velvet Drive bellhousing was brought back to life with many hours of sanding and polishing.  We fabricated a torque tube guard adapter which mounts to the transnission's end-cover.

Click to enlarge. The cap bolts were replaced with hex head bolts in an effort to gain more clearance.  The base was cut from a piece of 1/4" steel plate.  A 1-1/2" wide slice from a 6" well casing was welded to a larger pipe which was in turn welded to the mounting plate.

Click to enlarge. With the transmission hub installed, there's just enough room to insert a hex key to tighten the end-cover bolts.

Click to enlarge. Slots cut into both sides of the part allow access to the hub bolts.  I wasn't able to find a manufactured adapter, so like many parts on the boat, you have to build your own.  It won't be a real Hot Rod unless it's got a bunch of homegrown parts on it !

Click to enlarge. Here's the last of the interior epoxy barrier coating.  Round 2 will be followed up with a sprayed urethane clearcoat. (11-JUL-2007)

Click to enlarge. Once the clearcoat has been applied, we can start the carlings and deck !

Click to enlarge. We fabricated a frame truss plate to span the stuffing box at frame # 4.  It's made from 3/8" thick T356 aluminum plate.  The v-drive and transmission mounting plates were bolted to the stringers with 3/8" stainless steel machine bolts.  Also visible in the top left corner of the photo is the carling.  We'll have more pics of this after it's been all glued up. (17-SEP-2007)

Click to enlarge.  

Click to enlarge. We'll be installing a stainless steel pop-up bow light in the strongback.  This will require routing out a rather large hole which will seriously affect the member's integrity.  We therefore laminated three pieces of 1/4" 5-ply marine grade plywood to the douglas fir strongback.  This will retain it's curved shape. (19-NOV-2007)

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