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Click to enlarge. The intermediate deck beam straddles the carlings at frame # 4.  (20-MAY-2008)

Click to enlarge. Coaming corners were radiused with plywood veneer.  We ran some 1/8" marine- grade mahogany plywood through the planer to remove one face.  This makes it much easier to bend !

Click to enlarge. Transom deck beam is 9" wide.

Click to enlarge. The bottom edge of the beam was molded to a width of 3-1/2".

Click to enlarge. View from the transom.

Click to enlarge. Here's my friend Colin finish-welding up the v-drive mounting plate.  We spent the day finalizing the transmission mounts.  With all components bolted in, we measured for the propeller shaft.

Click to enlarge. The driver's seat is nearing completion.  The rails provide 6" of horizontal travel, 3" of vertical travel at the front of the seat and reclining backrest.  We've also started the passenger seat base.
Click here to see how the seat was made.  (a new window will be opened)

Click to enlarge. All mounting plates were sandblasted, primed and painted before final assembly.  We've added triangular webs along the v-drive's thrust centerline to stiffen up the v-drive plate. (26-AUG-2008)

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Click to enlarge. The stuffing box was installed with stainless steel hanger bolts. 

Click to enlarge. The frame truss plate was cut down to conform to the bottom of the transmission.

Click to enlarge. The front engine mount stringer bolt holes were bushed with fiberglass bushings.

Click to enlarge. The tubes were epoxied into the bolt hole bores and allowed to cure.

Click to enlarge. Bushings were fabricated from 6-1/2 ounce fiberglass cloth.

Click to enlarge. There's no limit as to what can be done with epoxy and fiberglass !

Click to enlarge. We fabricated adjustable front engine mounts using flat plate and tubular steel. 

Click to enlarge. Vertical travel can be adjusted by turning the 1/2" nut located beneath the strut.

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