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Glen-L Boat Builder Gathering - September 25-26 2010, Lake Nickajack, Tennessee

The Gathering is a get together of boat builders, family and friends organized by Glen-L builders.  The Hot Rod made the trip again this year. 

After scouring the want ads for several months, we found a used Palomino pop-up truck camper for a reasonable price.  The passenger-side box wing was replaced with a new fiberglass-laminated plywood panel and the driver-side box wing was reinforced with fiberglass cloth and aluminum plates to support the camper tie-down straps.  The original two-way refrigerator was upgraded to a new three-way unit (propane, 12 volt DC and 120 volt AC).  The camper and tow vehicle's wiring were also redone.

Photo coutesy of John Brantuk, Glen-L Marine Designs

We didn't have enough time to get the boat ready before we left for Tennessee, so we finished up the wiring, fuel lines and exhaust hoses before launching the boat on the Thursday afternoon. 

The boat ran great and the new propeller is a big improvement over the prop we ran last year !

Photo coutesy of Gayle Brantuk, Glen-L Marine Designs

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It's over for another season ... We've logged 18 hours on the clock since we got back from G4.  Actually using the boat has to be the best part about boatbuilding !  We shot some footage on our second last run and thought we'd share it with you. So hang onto your tuque (temp was 36° F!), we're going for a ride ...

Click the 'Play' button (>) to see the video.

Glen-L Hot Rod Boat Cruise - Ottawa River 2010 (HD)

The boat has been reassembled and is back on the water ! (23-JUL-2011).
  • The deck and hull have been sealed with two rounds of black primer-sealer.
  • The shortened propeller shaft and new smaller diameter propeller have been installed.
  • The front seats and cockpit have been reassembled.

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Clearcoating the dash.

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Fresh coat of black urethane primer sealer.

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Upgraded rubber exhaust hoses to custom aluminum "S" pipes.

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First startup of the season.

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New removable upholstery !

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At Lower Duck Island on the Ottawa River.

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At the Glen-L Boatbuilder Gathering, Lake Nickajack, Tennessee.  Photo courtesy of Gayle Brantuk, Glen-L Marine Designs

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