Glen-L Boat Builder Gathering - September 16-18 2011, Lake Nickajack, Tennessee

The Gathering is a get together of boat builders, family and friends organized by Glen-L builders.  The Hot Rod made the trip again this year.  As usual, we had a real blast.  My hat's off to everyone that pitched in to make it happen.  Great to see Gayle and John Brantuk and fellow Glen-L boatbuilders !

No wrenching in the RV parking lot like last year.   We launched the Hot Rod on Wednesday morning and didn't pull it out until Sunday afternoon.  Special thanks to Colin for the use of his truck, setting up the boat, truck camper and driving. 

Photo courtesy of Vupilot.

Photo courtesy of Dave Lott.

Photo courtesy of ttownshaw.

Photo courtesy of Gayle Brantuk, Glen-L Marine Designs

Photo courtesy of Gayle Brantuk, Glen-L Marine Designs

Photo courtesy of Gayle Brantuk, Glen-L Marine Designs


  • I had a heck of a time finding Gayle as she was very busy riding in or driving the boats.  John was more than willing to take her place until she showed up.

  • It was really difficult finding anyone to ride shotgun with me during the photo shoot.  Last year Ski King (Dwain Colton) had one of the roughest rides in the Hot Rod's short history.  I have to give the aussies credit as Skip cheerfully stepped up and took a major beating in all that chop. 

  • It was great to see Garry Steinkamp again.  He didn't bring his Missile 'Buzz Bomb' this year but he didn't forget to bring his enthusiasm for boating.

  • Bruce Dow finally got a ride.  I wouldn't be surprised if a fast and loud Crackerbox is in his future.

  • Bob Maskel was sporting a permanent grin as he was trying to cope with his recent retirement.  After a few minutes into his ride, he summed it up quite eloquently when he stated that 'This is NICE ...'

  • It was a real joy to have John and Gayle's friend Richard aboard.  At sunset on Saturday night, I was finishing up my plate when I noticed him heading my way.  He announced that he was leaving early Sunday morning and really needed another ride.  I obliged and as soon as the engine was fired up, someone jokingly yelled at me to 'Turn that thing off !'.  Richard shot some video of our run.  The light was fading fast so I hope that it will turn out OK. 

  • On Sunday afternoon, we coerced Ski King into shooting a video of Paul Miller's Tornado.  When we got back to the dock, Paul reviewed the footage and found that no boats were in the frame -- water, part of a dock and a beautiful shot of a cloudless blue sky.  We immediately fired Dwain as a videographer and told him not to quit his day job.  While reviewing other videos stored in his camera, Paul noticed that we hadn't selected the most recent video.  We apologized to Dwain for the harsh treatment and reinstated him as our official videographer.  Something tells me that Paul is already making plans to attend next year's event !

    Tornado built by Paul Miller. Videographer: Dwain Colton (Skiii Kiiing).

G5 Photos - River Run to Chatanooga

Bob Maskel's Sea Knight

Dave Lott's Riviera

Ken Schott's Double Eagle

Dartplywood's Sea Knight

Ski King (Dwain Colton) enjoying the ride.

Bruce Dow's Monaco

Bruce and his Dad, Brian Dow.

At the dock in Chatanooga

Darthplywood's Sea Knight.

Dave Lott's Riviera.

Ken Schott's Double Eagle.

Bruce Dow's Monaco.

Mr Hot Rod's Hot Rod.

Return trip to Canada


The boat needs a major cleanup when we get home !!.

The Gathering was a blast.  I'd like to thank everyone who organised the event and all who attended.  Special thanks to Gayle and Glen-L Marine Designs for providing Saturday lunch, the Sunday Breakfast crew (Bruce Dow, his Dad Brian) and everybody who pitched in to make this the best Gathering to date.  Your hospitality and fellowship keeps us coming back year after year !


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V-Drive Tornado Lake Nickajack TN Glen-L Gathering 2011 (Paul Miller)

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