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    LS1 Engine Specs

    LS1 5.7L (346-cu-in) engines were produced between the 1997 and 2004 model years.  Performance car engines have typically carried “LS” designations, but truck engines built on this platform have been dubbed Vortec.

    GM Part # 25534322 : LS1 Engine Kit (Discontinued)

    • Gross Power : 320 HP @ 5800 RPM
    • Gross Torque :330 Lb-Ft @ 4400 RPM
    • Aluminum 6-bolt main engine block
    • Nodular iron crankshaft with undercut and rolled fillets
    • 5.098" powdered metal connecting rods
    • Flat top, light-weight pistons
    • 3/8" single roller timing chain set
    • Hydraulic roller camshaft (0.500 lift / 200/203º 0.050 duration)
    • Symmetrical port heads w/2.00/1.55 valves
    • 1.7 ratio investment cast roller rocker arms
    • Composite inlet mainifold with tuned runners
    • Single bore throttle body
    • Return-less fuel rail with 25lb/hr injectors 58 psi
    • Tubular log-style exhaust manifolds
    • Cast aluminum oil pan
    • 14-inch flexplate

LS1, LS2, LS3, and LS6 Serpentine Pulley Accessory Drive Kit

Billet-Trac LS1, LS2, LS3, and LS6 Serpentine Pulley Accessory Drive Kit

Exhaust systems

O2 sensor
  • O2 sensor location may be an issue. You may want to build a set of exhaust manifold spacers to mount the sensors next to the exhaust ports. Running open-loop without the sensors is an option but performance and gas mileage will suffer.

    O2 sensor mounted on a manifold spacer.

    Ckick here to see how the spacer was fabricated.
Bellhousing Flywheel Flexplate and flywheel power take Off adapters Starter, alternator, bellhousing, raw water pump Fuel system USCG approved Flame arrestor Cooling system Electrical system
  • USCG approved starter, alternator. Check the PCM catalogs for these parts. ECU will have to be protected from the elements by enclosing the components in a waterproof housing.

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