Z-LIFT Snowmobile Lift

4" fully collapsed Being raised
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27" fully extended Tunnel support
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Ever wish you could work on your sled or ATV at a comfortable level without breaking your back every time ? The Z-Lift will raise your sled up to 27" off the floor and hold it there safely.  The bellypan cradle and rear tunnel supports are fully adjustable to suit most models.  The snowmobile can be safely operated at any speed.  The unit is constructed of heavy duty square tube and angle iron.  All pivot points are bushed for increased service life.  A major safety feature is the 2000 lb. worm gear winch.  It's self-locking as soon as the handle is released.  Great for doing ski maintenance, track studding and alignment, and suspension lubrication.  Ideal for off-season storage or makes a great adjustable-height work table.

Lift User Guide

Lowered height 4" Standard winch Worm gear, 2000 lbs. , 40:1 Gear Ratio
Raised height 27" Optional winch 115 VAC, 2700 lbs., 548:1 Gear Ratio
Overall length 96" Colour Black / Yellow (Custom optional)
Overall Width 22" Weight 150 lbs.
Cost 40:1 2000 lb. worm gear winch - $540 ;    41:1 2000 lb. worm gear winch - $570 ;   
584:1 2700 lb. 115VAC winch - $1150
Options Paint : Urethane primer, enamel, acrylic enamel or urethane topcoat
Lift options : Turnkey ; No winch ; Kit form (pre-cut, drilled, not welded)
Call for custom pricing.
Can be seen at : 8 Juniper Road, Chelsea PQ.

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