Z-LIFT User's Guide

Step 1
Loosen 2 nuts on tunnel support legs and swivel them downwards until they are fully collapsed.
Step 2
Slide the lift under the snowmobile
Step 3
Position unit so that the bellypan support plate is 2 to 3 inches past the front suspension torsion bar. Winch up the snowmobile until the support plate contacts the bellypan,
Step 4
Position the rear of the lift so that the track is centered. Rotate tunnel support plate 180 degrees.
Step 5
Extend tunnel support plate horizontally until it extends into the tunnel. Tighten bolt.
Step 6
Raise tunnel support leg vertically until it contacts the running board. Rotate it so it conform to the running boad. Tighten bolt.
Step 7
The idea behind the adjustable belly pan and tunnel supports is to make sure that the bellypban and tunnel don't get squished on the lift crossmember. If there is a gap of at least 1/2" between the lift and the bellypan, proceed to step 9.
Step 8
Lower the winch and raise the bellypan support plate by loosening the two lower nuts which retain the bellypan support plate. Raise the plate by tightenng the two nuts which sit directly above the lift crossmember. Tighten the two lower nuts to lock the support plate in position.
Step 9
Winch up the snowmobile. You can release the worm gear winch handle at any time during the winching operation since the winch is self-braking.

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