Snowmobile sled deck

If you own a compact pickup truck and were wondering how to easily load a 48" wide snowmobile into a 40" wide truck bed, this page is for you !

Click on a photo to have it enlarged.

Click to enlarge. Unfold the ramps and line up the sled.

Click to enlarge. Run up the ramp . . .  

Click to enlarge. Fold up the right ski ramp.

Click to enlarge. Slide the center track ramp under the sled bed.

Click to enlarge. Fold the left ski ramp.

Click to enlarge.  

Click to enlarge. A steel rod and hitch pin are used to secure the ski ramps in the folded position.

Click to enlarge.  

Click to enlarge. Ready to go.

Click to enlarge. Ski rail detail.  Rails are built from 1/2" electrical conduit spaced 1-1/2" apart. 

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I hope the photos will provide you with some ideas on how to build your own sled deck.  In the past, we've fabricated sled lifts and decks on a custom basis.  We've since launched into boatbuilding which consumes most of our spare time.  If you have any comments or need more details, please contact us.

Sled decks and lifts :

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We're building the Glen-L Hot Rod, a 17' v-drive ski boat powered by a 283 CID V8.

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Revised 03-DEC-2007